Mitoceps for Sports

  • Increase energy for higher physical activity
  • Improve stamina, endurance and reduce fatique
  • Faster muscle recovery for sport
  • Improve alertness and stay sharp
  • Sustain effect
For every top athlete or elite sports, improving their "Personal Best" (PB) results and beating the national or games record means everything. Sufficient energy is crucial to achieve the target result.
Sport like running, cycling, swimming, badminton, football, involves large muscle groups, are very intense and puts a strain on joints and muscles. These sports draws on all energy reserves, require efficient energy generation.
Top athletes that involves in continuous training, recovery is a challenge to keep them in top physical condition. As most top competition has tight schedule, physical recovery can determine their winning edge.
In general, there are 3 groups of factors affecting the performance and getting to the top.
  1. Physical training program to build muscles mass, speed and strength training.
  2. Improving mental strength.
  3. Increasing number of studies on the human physiological factor, involving diets, nutritional benefits, sleeps and recovery factors. It is the science to understand the mechanical, physical, and biochemical function of humans, how it is connected and how it adapts to stress, fatigue and physical activity.
Our product mitoceps, focus on the 3rd factor, assisting athletes and avid sports person. 

It is used by a growing number of top athletes within many different sports. It is now use by a growing number of top athletes within many different sports globally.
If you are an elite sportsman and think that mitoceps can help you, write to us at and tell us about yourself.
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