Christine & Wayne

Christine & Wayne
Working couple with 2 children

Ever since we take mitoceps and MitoActive™, our lifestyle has changed to be more healthier and happier. We love our day to start early so that we can finish our work early and can come back home. After a long day of work,
we don’t feel fatigue anymore and able to spend good quality time with our kids and family. So nice!

We drink mitoceps and mitoactive day and night. It gives us energy and alert in the morning. It makes us more focus in our work, eventually our day would be more productive. We also wake up with a good spirit on the next day. Mitoceps and mitoactive taste so nice and easy to drink. We are blessed to know these nice product and we would love to share it with our family and friends.

About Christine & Wayne

Christine, an experience property consultant, who needs to travels regularly, within Malaysia and sometimes abroad. She has irregular working hours and needs a lots of energy and alertness when meeting clients during the day and preparing her presentation during the night. She has to juggle between family time during the evening, taking care of her 2 children and also preparation for the next day schedule.

Wayne, an interior designer, who puts in many working hours and regularly working throughout the midnight to complete his work and deadline for his company and clients.
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